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Tax-Efficient Retirement Income 700 350

Tax-Efficient Retirement Income

Help clients comprehend how their income sources interact to affect their taxes, and how planning now can help control taxes later.

Social Security Planning 700 350

Social Security Planning

To begin the planning process, help your clients understand the basic rules and advantages of Social Security.

The Retirement Income Planning Puzzle 700 350

The Retirement Income Planning Puzzle

Tips and strategies top help your clients.

Protected Income in Retirement 700 350

Protected Income in Retirement

This video can help you address your clients’ risk of outliving their retirement.

Long-Term Care Cost Planning 700 350

Long-Term Care Cost Planning

This Health Care/Long-Term Care assessment helps estimate long-term care costs.

Health Care Cost Planning 700 350

Health Care Cost Planning

Your clients may not have discussed it with you, but they are concerned about health care costs.

Client Longevity 700 350

Client Longevity

It’s important to take longevity into account when helping clients plan their retirement income.

Women & Retirement 700 350

Women & Retirement

Get to know the diverse financial challenges that women face.

Understanding How the Economy Evolves 700 350

Understanding How the Economy Evolves

Help your clients stay focused on their long-term goals by showing them the business cycle and how it drives the economy and financial markets.

Millennial Investing Guide 700 350

Millennial Investing Guide

Millennials are more financially conservative than recent generations. As a result, many of them will need your help to prepare financially for the future they desire.